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Since its inception, kingtechrobot is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on robot core motion unit, relying on its precision transmission technology, motor technology, drive technology, motion control, material technology, the first series of integrated, high-performance, robot core motion unit of low energy consumption and solutions, product applications cover intelligent manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, medical, security, commercial and many other scenarios services.

Kingtechrobot is a comprehensive company with factory, R&D, sales, and operation, which can build production systems according to different needs of customers and has senior experience in system integration. All of our products have their patents. In addition to the basic CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications, all products can be certified by international agencies such as UL, ETL, SGS, etc. according to customers' needs. The factory can be automated, staff saving, and changed from manual operation to robot system to ensure maximum product quality improvement and production efficiency optimization.

Strong R&D capabilities are our core competency, with 91 R&D staff. The R&D center uses an open innovation model and works closely with customers to develop automation solutions that meet their individual customization needs. Currently, the solutions serve a diversified customer base in the US, Western Europe, and East Asia, with operations in 46 countries and over 100 regions, providing strong support to manufacturers in automotive electronics, smart wear, 3C manufacturing, new energy, communications, lithium-ion, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, hardware, and other industries.

We have about 100 exclusive service staffs who can assist customers to better cooperate throughout the matchmaking process. Product introduction in the early stage, full assistance in the middle stage, and technical support in the late stage are the service principles we insist on throughout the cooperation process. Quality and efficiency, sincere service is our service concept and will continue to optimize the quality of after-sales service. We will deepen the service quality and broaden the service scope of customer service.

The 6,000-square-meter factory uses advanced manufacturing processes, including machine learning, digitalization, and collaboration solutions, to make it the most advanced, flexible, and automated factory in the global robotics industry - a leading-edge center for manufacturing robots using robots. The highly automated factory is a guarantee for our business, and the latest collaboration technologies will ensure that people and robots can work together safely nearby, bringing greater flexibility and agility to the production process, fully combining the benefits of robotics with the outstanding work capabilities of our employees. As a complete digital manufacturing ecosystem, the factory uses digital twin technology to gain the benefits of data insight and machine learning to enhance performance and maximize productivity; machine learning-based systems are used to check robot assembly work to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Through long-term development, Kingtechrobot's parent company has gone public, and the company has gradually formed a product pattern with a two-line matrix of robots and components covering a variety of robot application scenarios. We will take the anti-epidemic robot as a breakthrough in the future, powered by core technology, break through the software and hardware data back-end barriers, realize data visualization, product control, human-machine integration, and strive to become a leading global technology company.