Advantages And Applications Of Domestic Robots
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Advantages And Applications Of Domestic Robots


In the empty kitchen of the Winter Olympics, robots cook vegetables and prepare drinks; in the competition field, the cloud synthesizes "bullet time" in real-time, slows down the details of the motion, and sees the "black hands" of the ice rink at the first time; in the live broadcast room, AI digital human "Dongdong" is humorous and humorous about the Winter Olympics... This is not only a sports feast but also a feast of technology!

The "black technology" of the Winter Olympics quickly caused a sensation abroad, and everyone was shocked that my country's intelligent robots could be so powerful! The application of intelligent robots in the Winter Olympics is only a microcosm of the development of technological automation in today's society. With the continuous improvement of human manufacturing level, more and more robots are applied to production and life, and the forms of robots have become diversified. , personalize. This is not only due to the breakthrough of "neck stuck" technology, but more importantly, China's new-generation robot industry chain is gradually improving. In the process of improving the industrial chain, the market is bound to seek the standardization and modularization of products, just as Kingtech Robots advocates "making robot R&D and manufacturing easier".

Kingtech's integrated robot motion unit based on the concept of modularization and standardization, a set of one-stop solutions for robot motion, saves the labor and time cost of selecting, designing, and assembling hundreds of mechatronic devices for downstream manufacturers, reducing the procurement and deployment costs of robots; at the same time, modular solutions are used to replace scattered parts, completing product upgrade iterations, effectively converging the supply chain, shortening the return on investment cycle, and enabling downstream manufacturers to have a greater driving force to try or use robot solutions. . It is only necessary to form a certain number of module groups into robots with different shapes and functions, and change the overall configuration of the robot by changing the number of modules and the connection method. Realize rapid assembly, making robot R&D and manufacturing simpler and more convenient.

Kingtech robot hollow double-coded integrated intelligent joint, small size, large torque, high precision, strong versatility, widely used in automation, robotics, high-precision equipment, and other scenarios. Highly integrated precision design, easier to use.

* It highly integrates excellent motor technology, drive technology, encoder technology, and reducer technology;
* Modularized and standardized one-stop joint solutions make the development and manufacture of robots easier;
* Compact structure and small size, leaving more space for robot design in application.

The next five years or even a longer period of time will be a period of strategic opportunity for my country's robot industry to become self-reliant and self-reliant. Through product standardization and modularization, the threshold for robot development is lowered, and robot development is made more civic and ecological. More and more people are involved in the process of application design and development, thereby promoting the outbreak of the entire industry. We strive to make robot development more civic and ecological. More and more robots serve society, "let robots be seen everywhere"!